Principles of Corporate Governance

Useful corporate governance for correct operation of found market and whole economy of country is necessary to achieve and keep public trusts. Weak corporate governance may cause lack of investor’s trust which may cause sources exit or tension of liquidity and financial problems for companies. Actually, In addition to the responsibility for investors and its other members.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has defined corporate governance: collection of relations between management, board of directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders of the company. A good corporate governance should create suitable motivations for board of directors and manager to follow the goals which have benefit for company and investors, and also make effective and useful supervision easy. Existence of a good corporate governance system in a company and in whole of an economy, helps to creation of some trust which is needed for a suitable operation of an economic market.

Investment companies of Tuka Foulad (public corporations) to consider shareholders’ and stakeholder’s rights and also having a suitable and clear face in found market has done codification of principles and leadership guides of company.  These principles are approved by board of directors and they are considered as apply of a framework to handle board of directors:

  • Regulations of governance system
  • Charter specialized committees of board of directors
  • Ethics charter of company
  • Instructions and regulations

Regulation of corporate governance:

Board of directors of Tuka Foolad Investment Company has created a regulation of corporate governance to promote corporate governance, and these items can be revised if it is needed. This regulation has 49 articles and 9 notes which are prepared by codification corporate structure governance committee and it is approved by board of directors of Tuka Foolad Investment Company (public corporations) in 12 August 2016. To receive summary file of the regulation of corporate governance of Tuka Foolad click Here.

Charter of professional committees of board of directors:

Professional committees of board of directors of Tuka Foolad include corporate governance committee, audit committee, investment committee, and risk committee and their charter is below:

Ethical chart of company

To receive PDF file of Ethical chart of Tuka Foolad Investment Company click Here.

Other instructions and regulations

Other functional instructions and regulations in holding of Tuka Foolad which are using to coordination and regulation relations are: regulation of how to hold meetings, instruction of how to choose independent auditor, and instruction of group function’s control.